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Colours and Finishes

Calibre Windows & Conservatories Ltd produces a wide range of colours in a fast growing market as more home owners are looking for something different to basic white.

An extensive and exciting choice of colours and woodgrain finishes are available and manufactured in two weeks, we have expanded our standard range to include some stimulating new colours such as Cream and new woodgrain colours White Ash, Slate Grey and Black Ash.

The realistic woodgrain finishes are stylish and attractive, with our smooth Light Oak, Dark Rosewood or the new Irish Oak, more and more are seeking something a little different.

CWC Pvcu doors also have a wide range of colours such as Ebony Black, Poppy Red, Royal Blue and Olive Green.

We have a wide range of handles & accessories with numerous colour finishes, creating classic designs with contemporary twists, our window and door handles are heavy duty with perfectly matching components, also our chromes handles and accessories have Hardex Electro finishes, which can withstand up to 1,000 hours of salt spray testing.

Door Knockers
Door Knockers
Monkey Tails
Inline Locks
Composite Door Lock
Bar Handles
Bar Handles
Balmoral Swan
Balmoral LP
Balmoral LP
Balmoral LL
White Grain
Dark Wood
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PVCU Colours

Whether you want a simple white look, a realistic woodgrain finish or want to make a bold statement, we offer the colour options to suit your property and individual taste.

CWC can assure you that all pvcu colours are exactly matched through the whole window and door range, the same white across all products and our woodgrain finishes are all perfectly matched.

Woodgrain Colours

You can choose a wide range of woodgrain profiles such as Slate Grey and Black Ash, Rosewood, Golden Oak, White Ash and Irish Oak are all stock items, or you can choose from our made to order range with more than 45 superb options.

There’s everything from the natural appearance of woodgrain finishes to cool Greys, Greens and Blues.

Handles and Accessories

When creating a beautiful and stylish home details are everything, a front door with matching hardware creates a great first impression.

Every product available in 7 perfectly matching finishes, elegance and endurance die cast zinc construction, the result is hardware that looks exceptional and never lets you down.

Traditional Hardware

Create a perfectly matching heritage window with our monkey tail handle with matching monkey tail stay also available.

Strength tested to the equivalent of a modern espagnolette window handle, manufactured with die cast zinc with a specially formulated finish, making it harder wearing than traditional wrought iron furniture, the elegant design inspired by 19th Century ironmongery.

How Can We Help?

If you would like to find out about CWC products, getting in touch couldn't be easier! Please feel free to Contact Us.

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